Deadline’s ‘POTUS 2020: Battleground America’ Podcast Launches With Trump Vs. Biden Debate Fallout & Rep. Adam Schiff

The very first presidential debate is behind us, and for many viewers, the reaction is, good riddance. 

On the first episode of Deadline’s POTUS 2020: Battleground America podcast, senior editor Dominic Patten and political editor Ted Johnson chat about the fallout of the debate, in which President Donald Trump dominated but also interrupted, bullied and belittled to the point of exhaustion. A strategy designed to make Joe Biden look feeble may have knocked the former vice president of his game at points, but Trump, even to some of his own supporters, was too much.

Listen here:

Also on this episode, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) shares his reaction to the night’s debate, including his surprise that the president didn’t go after him in his string of insults. Schiff also talks about the potential for another COVID-19 relief package and what that would mean for workers in the entertainment industry.

Finally, the hosts preview the week to come, including the vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris that likely will have a much different tone. If anything, pundits likely will be talking about issues and answers. Saturday Night Live returns this weekend, and surely will feature some aspect of Tuesday’s debate. But how do you satirize that?

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