Demi Lovato had finally seen Max Ehrich‘s “true colors,” leading to their sudden split just last week.

As we reported, the singer called off her two-month-long engagement from The Young and the Restless alum following claims from fans he’s a clout chaser who has gone after several other celebs in the past. While it couldn’t have been an easy pill to swallow, the then-couple had been having “conflicts” over the past few weeks, according to multiple People sources.

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One confidant noted finding out the truth about her fiancé, whom she previously defended amid accusations he was thirsty for Selena Gomez and other stars, hit different. They explained:

“It was very hurtful to Demi when she realized that Max’s intentions weren’t genuine. Breaking off the engagement was not an easy decision.”

Another insider described how at the start of their relationship, which began in March as coronavirus lockdown protocols were put in place, “Demi and Max were basically together 24/7 for months.”

“They lived in a bubble with zero stress and everything was just fun.”

Then, Ehrich left El Lay for Atlanta to film Southern Gospel, and the dynamic changed:

“Max shot up in fame, and it’s been hard. He got wrapped up in [Hollywood].”

It later became clear the 29-year-old actor was just “trying to further his career by using her name behind her back.”

Wow. Talk about being fake!

So far, Lovato is “doing okay,” with the source noting “[the breakup] is a good thing.”

Another pointed out:

“It was hard for Demi to admit she made a mistake when it came to Max.”

Understandable. Right when you think you know someone…

But thankfully for the OK Not To Be OK songstress, she sees the benefit in realizing the truth before actually tying the knot. An Us Weekly insider dished about her state of mind, sounding really positive about Demi’s future:

“Demi’s feeling a sense of relief after seeing Max’s true colors. She’s in a really good place and already jumping right back into work and spending time with friends and family.”

Meanwhile, the “heartbroken” actor is “still just trying to figure out what happened with Demi.” A source close to the star shared:

“Max just went through a major breakup, he is heartbroken. He’s not responding to friends again and he is in a fragile state. The posts he is making are not painting a picture of who Max really is.”

His frequent Instagram Story messages pointed at Demi and their called-off engagement have been a little erratic, to say the least. But it makes sense they’re coming from a place of hurt and shock.

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? It sounds like there’s no coming back for him!!

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