‘Cobra Kai’ Tops U.S. Streaming Ratings, With Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ And Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Breaking Up Netflix Party

Cobrai Kai, the Karate Kid update acquired by Netflix after its initial run on YouTube Premium, dominated the Nielsen streaming charts for August 31 to September 6.

The show’s 20 episodes drew nearly 2.2 billion streaming minutes, well ahead of the No. 2 show, Lucifer, which had 1.4 billion.

Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys busted into the top 10, the first time since Nielsen added the chart over the summer that a non-Netflix show made the list. The superhero sendup drew 891 million streaming minutes to place third.

Mulan, the high-profile live-action remake made available as a $30 premium for subscribers to Disney+, also made the top 10. Released on September 4, it accumulated 525 million minutes of viewing, per Nielsen.

At a two-hour running time, that would be a maximum of 4.375 million transactions, though the $30 price enabled viewers to watch the film an unlimited number of times, making it hard to pinpoint a transaction number. Disney has not released any viewership numbers but has said it will do so next month during its quarterly earnings call.

Nielsen tracks streaming only in the U.S., so it’s an incomplete picture for global companies like Netflix, Amazon and Disney. But it’s directional data in a sector where numbers are in short supply.

As far as other notables on the top 10, licensed titles The Office, Criminal Minds, Shameless and Grey’s Anatomy remain steady entries, but the ratio of third-party titles to originals is the lowest it’s been since the Nielsen chart began in August.

Here is the full chart:

Cobra Kai, Netflix (20 episodes, 2.171B minutes)

Lucifer, Netflix (75 episodes, 1.415B minutes)

The Boys, Amazon Prime (11 episodes, 891M minutes)

The Office, Netflix (192 episodes, 843M minutes)

Criminal Minds, Netflix (277 episodes, 675M minutes)

Shameless, Netflix (121 episodes, 639M minutes)

Away, Netflix (10 episodes, 631M minutes)

Grey’s Anatomy, Netflix (361 episodes, 616M minutes)

The Legend of Korra, Netflix (52 episodes, 541M minutes)

Mulan, Disney+ (1 episode, 525M minutes)

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