Lori Harvey’s Out Here Mingling In Miami With Akon’s Brother (Roommate Talk)

Posts Are 100% user submitted & we cannot confirm with 100% certainty the validity of these stories/allegations. Sip wisely! TSR Roommate Talk: Shade Room, I guess if people weren’t sure if Lori Harvey and Future were over, I can tell you right now I seen it with my own eyes that Lori Harvey’s OUT HERE!

I was in Miami for my homegirl’s birthday weekend and I ain’t here to bust her out, but let’s just say my homegirl’s trip was paid for by a man with fundssss okay! So it didn’t surprise me that the company around us was a lil’ “upper echelon” as Ms. Nicki Minaj would say.

I was exchanging phone numbers (cuz I’m trying to get a baller of my own) when I see Lori Harvey all boo’d up with some guy. He didn’t look famous to me, but my homegirl later on told me that he’s Akon’s brother, I think I heard he manages Kanye too. Anyway, they say he go by Bu.

Well, Bu looked like he could be Lori’s new boo but I couldn’t say for sure. All I know is they were real close all hugged up. I caught them on video real quick. I’m riskin’ my birkin for y’all Shade Room!

I can never be mad at Lori though, sis stays with some chocolate. Here’s the lil’ video I was able to get. I’ll let y’all be the judge. Love y’all shaderoom!

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