Louisville Police Department Releases Body Camera Footage That Shows Devastating Aftermath Of Breonna Taylor’s Final Moments

The Louisville Police Department have released bodycam footage from the scene following #BreonnaTaylor’s murder.

In footage posted by TMZ, it shows the SWAT team walking through the apartment following the shooting. It wasn’t until after they cleared the apartment that they checked Breonna’s pulse and stated “she’s done.”One of the officers could also be heard saying to be mindful of what they were saying as they were wearing body cameras that were recording while they were at the scene.

Another video shows Breonna’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker as he told the officers that Breonna was deceased inside the apartment and that they did not know who was at the door. The police officer then continued to claim that they announced themselves three times before entering the apartment.

As mentioned before, it was mentioned that Kenneth used his legally-owned firearm out of self-defense after they were under the impression that someone was breaking into the apartment.

There was also another video released that showed the officers standing over Breonna’s deceased body as she laid lifeless in the hallway of the apartment. In the video, her body was blurred out, but the bullet holes and blood splattered on the walls were still visible.

As previously reported, former officer Brett Hanikson is the only officer of three that were charged in the incident. He was indicted for three counts of wanton endangerment in relation to the bullets he fired going into the adjacent unit.

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