President Donald Trump Campaign Ad Slammed By Jackie Robinson Daughter

A Donald Trump campaign ad featuring an image of baseball great Jackie Robinson has been condemned by Robinson’s daughter, who said the family does not support the President.

Sharon Robinson, who runs the Jackie Robinson Foundation, tweeted on Thursday that the Trump campaign is in opposition to everything Robinson stood for and believed in. “We’re insulted and demand his image be removed!”

The Trump ad, titled “Say What You Will About America,” features many black and white images of America from the first half of the 1900s. Among the shots are images of athlete Jim Thorpe, Martin Luther King Jr., suffragettes, various workers, and Robinson, the first Black man to play major league baseball.

Sharon Robinson asked the campaign to remove the image of her father from the ad. However, the campaign can’t be forced to comply unless she has the rights to the image used in the campaign ad.

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