Plot Twist: Blac Youngsta Goes Off On Lawyer Who Took A Selfie With Him In Jail, Says That’s NOT His Attorney

So earlier this week, Blac Youngsta landed himself in jail on a weapons charge. Those familiar with his antics are probably not surprised that he got locked up given that he often shows off his guns on social media.

Following a 2019 arrest, Blac Youngsta got busted in Dallas this week where he was pulled over after making an illegal turn. According to TMZ, Blac Youngsta was riding around with a shotty, and cops said they found an additional gun between his legs during the traffic stop.

Ultimately, he got busted for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, but fans were given a lil’ hope when they saw a man, who made it appear as though he was Blac Youngsta’s attorney, share a selfie of himself visiting with Blac Youngsta while he was locked up.

The attorney, Andrew Wilkerson, posted a pic with Youngsta behind the glass as he visited him in jail.

Here’s the thing, Blac Youngsta is now fresh out and he is going AWF on this dude for even insinuating that Wilkerson is Youngsta’s attorney.

On his IG story, Blac Youngsta fired off a profanity-laced rant about the attorney. Apparently he was really upset that this lawyer allegedly tried to get some clout off him.

Youngsta spilled all the tea, revealing a security guard told him that “this attorney” wanted to meet him. Youngsta, admittedly confused considering his personal attorney is not even from the state of Texas, went to see who it was and he claims Wilkerson told him he could help him.

“I said, ‘look bro, I don’t need help,’” Youngsta said. “‘Long as I’ve been going to jail, you should already know I don’t need no help. I ain’t never been in need for no lawyer. Ever. I got the same lawyer from 15 years.’”

He also explained that he posed for the initial picture because he didn’t have anywhere to go, which is why he threw up two middle fingers and not a peace sign.

Youngsta also insulted Wilkerson, telling people if they have him for a lawyer, they’re going to lose their case.

If what Youngsta is saying is true, maybe Wilkerson will learn you can’t just walk up in any jail trying to rep a celebrity. He might wanna try the DMs next time.

We’ll keep you posted.

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