Ryan Henry Confirms He Slept With His Best Friend Anthony Lindsey’s Baby Mama: “I Hurt People That I Care About Badly”

Whew Chile, the other shoe has dropped! After some tea came out that foineee Black Inc Crew Chicago star Ryan Henry slept with his cancer-stricken best friend’s ex and baby mama, Ryan himself turned to Instagram today to confirm the the tea is, in fact, Lipton!

Ryan admitted that he had a sexual relationship with his best friend Anthony Lindsey’s baby mama Nina. He went live Saturday afternoon to say he wanted to take accountability for his actions and explained that this was information that he and the people involved had recently dealt with about two weeks ago, despite it just recently coming to the surface on social media.

Anthony, who has been Ryan’s best for about 12 years, took to social media last week to accuse his ex bestie of the unimaginable betrayal. He even dropped receipts that showed Ryan sending Nina messages, letting her know that he missed her and well, some other thangs. Check out what was initially said:

Ryan was real quiet after the tea spilled but he finally broke his silence with a 17-minute live in which he discussed what happened and where they plan to go from here.

“I hurt people that I care about badly,” Ryan said during the live. “I disrespected myself and my family.” He also said that he made toxic choices when he was in a dark place when it happened but he did say that he apologized to his best friend Anthony about the incident. 

He added that his plan of action is to repair the situation with those involved including his own child’s mother, Rachel. Mind you, Ryan is also the Godfather to Anthony and Nina’s child.

“I hurt a lot of people and I embarrassed a lot of people,” Ryan said. “We’re dealing with the consequences of my actions.”

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