HIGHlarious Beauty & The Beast Parody Reminds You To WEAR A MASK! Listen!

This is the Disney musical moment 2020 needed!

The ultra-relevant Beauty and the Beast parody went viral over the weekend, and if you’ve been wondering how your favorite Disney characters might respond to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a must-watch. Written by actor Noah Lindquist and performed by creator and singer Ashley Young, the song takes aim at the “mask debaters” who refuse to take the proper precautions to stay COVID safe.

As Disney songs so often do, this one makes it ever so simple: Wear a Mask!

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The motherly Mrs. Potts can be heard chastising non-mask wearers:

“You can shout, you can glare/But listen Karen, I don’t care/Never seen folks so dramatic over a f**king piece of fabric/’HaRd tO BReAtHe!’/’fEelS ToO hOt!’/Quit your bitchin’, there’s a thought!”

LOLz! We need a bouncing Mickey head for them to follow along!

Elsewhere, the tune takes shots at Fox News viewers, people who ignore science and doctors, and those who say COVID-19 is “just the flu.” Lumiere encourages listeners to “read some data” with the important reminder that “No one’s taking away your rights!”

The song has big fans on Twitter, including Broadway legends like Audra McDonald and Lea Salonga (the Jasmine voice actress called the parody

Hopefully this vid will be chicken soup for the Disney lover’s soul. And if it doesn’t change a few minds in the process, well, at least the rest of us got a chuckle out of it!

Ch-ch-check out the HIGHlarious video below:

[Image via Disney/Jennifer Aniston/Ariana Grande/Tracee Ellis Ross/Mark Ruffalo/Kerry Washington/Reese Witherspoon/Instagram.]

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Oct 19, 2020 11:46am PDT

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