Max Ehrich’s New Attention-Grabbing Sonika Vaid Pic Backfires With Criticism From Demi Lovato Fans

Max Ehrich is getting no attention from Demi Lovato, but plenty from her fanbase!

As you’re likely aware, the Under the Dome star has been VERY wishy washy in the wake of his breakup with the songstress, quickly flipping from crying on a beach one day to snapping photographs with other women the next! Looks like he’s continuing to play off of the latter strategy, as he posted a second snap with Sonika Vaid over the weekend to his Instagram.

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Just five days after uploading his first pic with the former American Idol contestant (and subsequently dropping a breakup track about Miz Lovato two days later), Ehrich showed off once more on the ‘gram. This time, it was with a screenshot of a FaceTime session with the 25-year-old:

Why tho…

Ehrich didn’t add a caption to the pic, but it doesn’t take much to put together that he simply wanted followers (and his ex) to know he’s chatting with another brunette beauty in the wake of his broken engagement.

Obviously, he’s STILL trying to be relevant, so it’s no wonder fans are annoyed! Take a look at a few of the top comments from Demi diehards (below):

“you were just on a beach crying over demi LMFAOOOO and whos this? shes not relevant enough to get you that clout you were craving”

“weren’t you just engaged lol wtf”

“So you got out of an engagement and post nonstop about Demi then date someone else? It’s ok to be single and heal”

Bro wtf you on honestly”

“You moved on pretty mf quick.”

“Plz stay with her and be happy and not be obsessed with the Demi clout”

We can’t say for sure if this is a casual friendship, a PR ploy, or a genuine rebound, but it’s DEFINITELY suspicious the 29-year-old has been so hot and cold about mourning the end of his relationship. Meanwhile, Lovato couldn’t seem to care less about any of this!

The Grammy nominee also dropped her own new track within the past week, but hers was a politically-charged Donald Trump diss, not a sob song about being “afraid” to fall in love. Granted, she did also release Still Have Me, but that was definitely on the empowering side.

Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to what Max will do next! He could be crying on the beach over Sonika within days… LOLz!

Drop your thoughts (below) in the comments and let us know!!

[Image via Brian To/WENN & Demi Lovato/Max Ehrich/Instagram.]

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