New Theme Park COVID-19 Guidelines Coming Tomorrow, Gov. Gavin Newsom Says; No Wide Spread Vaccine Until 2021

California Governor Gavin Newsom said today that new guidelines on theme parks and team sports events are coming tomorrow

“We are going to break up the theme parks,” the Governor announced in his COVID19 and wildfires update just now. “Not just one or two brands, it is many different parts of the theme park industry.”

Teasing out the results that Bob Iger and Jeff Shell have been seeking for months, Newsom said that Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly will reveal the new guidelines on Tuesday at noon.

Whatever form those procedures will take, Newsom said he remains “stubborn on a health first data driven process that is done with our eyes widen open …so we avoid any further increase in transmissions” Last week Dr. Gnaly addressed the contentious theme park issue: . “It will come out when we’re ready. We are working closely with our industry partners. The CH&HS Secretary continued: “We will continue to lead with public health and look at our data … slow and stringent, moving forward.”

The words and tone did not go down well with theme park owners that Deadline spoke to at the time. Disney and NBCU did not respond to request for comment on today’s news of tomorrow’s guidelines.

Still, this upcoming latest potential move for the shuttered Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags and others comes as the House of Mouse and the Comcast-owned company are severely tightening the belts and cutting their workforce as profits dive. Newsom’s latest move tomorrow also comes as the Coalition of Resort Unions sent a letter to the Governor to unchain the gates at Disneyland when Orange County moves into the Orange tier from its current Red based on COVID-19 infection rates.

The latest data has Orange County with one new death from the coronavirus and 203 new confirmed cases – for a total of 57,071 cases over the course of the pandemic so far.

Actually, infection rates and potential vaccines made up the majority of the Governor’s remarks on Monday

Lamenting the new state COVID-19 case load of 3474 and a 7-day average of 2,966 Newsom said that the 7-day positivity is 2.4%. “We’re seeing a decline in the rate of decline of hospitalizations,” the Governor said, viewing the current cycle as a second wave.

Coming off remarks on October 16 that he is holding to a further re-opening for California “methodically and stubbornly,” Newsom started today’s press talking about vaccine trials and the state’s scientific safety working group. Using the phrase “bottom line” repeatedly, the Governor also cautioned citizens not to expect a COVID-19 vaccine to be landing anytime soon this year and will be “limited” to essential workers, first responders and high-risk groups when the drug does arrive.

Looking at the developments coming out of Big Pharma’s Pfizer and Moderna, there will be around 45 million does by the end of the year, which would be “1.5 to 2 million tops” in the Golden State when you consider that the current protocols involve two doses per person. More realistically, when you take storage needs in to account as well, most people may be looking getting their vaccine shots in mid-2021, Newsom added. “This vaccine will proceed at the speed of trust,” the Governor went on to say, with swipes at unnamed others who play fast and loose with facts.

As he always does, with a display of the “correct use” of mask wearing, Newsom strongly advocating the wearing of masks, social distancing and staying within your household and “accountability” among all Californians, individuals, businesses and other organizations. He also unveiled an update next Monday on the state’s increased testing strategy that has come out of a panel he put together earlier this summer.

Taking a swipe at “TV punditry”, Gov Newsom made a point of repeating today the “sober reality”was that coronavirus will be with the Golden State, America (regardless of who the POTUS is) and the world, even with the wide spread distribution of a vaccine.

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