TSR Tech: Google Introduces New Feature That Allows You To Determine The Name Of A Song By Whistling & Humming

If you ever need help figuring out a song stuck in your head, Google is coming through in a clutch. Thanks to a new added feature you’ll be able to determine the name of a song by humming, whistling or singing.

Users will be able to open the mobile Google app, or the Google Search widget, and select hit the “Search a song button” and Google will deliver on the song. The sequence also strips away any other outside noise, like accompanying instruments, according to Bloomberg.

You don’t have to be a Queen Bey or Toni Braxton to be recognized. Google will still be able to determine the song, even if you don’t have a voice of an Angelic angel.

“It has built-in abilities to accommodate for various degrees of musical sensibility, and will provide a confidence score as a percentage alongside a number of possible matches. Clicking on any match will return more info about both artist and track, as well as music videos, and links that let you listen to the full song in the music app of your choice,” according to TechCrunch.

Bye, Siri. 🙂

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